Mutton Foreshank Blin

Mutton Foreshank Blin

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A superb slow-cook cut, Lamb Fore Shanks are cut from the lower part of the front leg and are much smaller than the traditional Lamb Shank. When slowly, gently braised, our Lamb Fore Shanks will deliver rich, tasty, fall-off-the-bone tender meat. We recommend serving two per person, although one makes an ideal meal for smaller appetites or kids.

Head Chef’s Tip: Their neat size lets you pop them straight into the pot whole, where they will retain their shape and take added flavour from the bone. Try braising them with red wine, garlic and rosemary, and serve with seasonal vegetables and of course lots of the rich, thick gravy!

  • Grass-fed, naturally reared lamb
  • Cut from the lower part of the front leg
  • Look great when served on the bone